Audio Technica President's Award

USA Reps is Awarded The President's Award from Audio Technica

Audio Technica Honors USA reps for Dedication and Committment


In the accompanying photo, Ed and Wendel accept the Presidents Award from Philip Cajka, Audio-Technica President and C.E.O. and Kal Mullens, Director, Strategic Account Sales. During its annual awards dinner and ceremony held in Nashville, TN, Marc Lee Shannon, Audio-Technica’s Vice President of Sales commented, “United Sales Associates made an enormous contribution to the bottom line, and in fact contributed the strongest profit dollars of any rep firm in 2002.”

We at United Sales were honored to have received this recognition from Audio-Technica. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…it’s a good company with a good product and more importantly with good people. For their continued day-to-day support of our efforts and for their dedication to our dealers, we consider ourselves privileged to represent Audio-Technica.


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